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"I have been riding for over twenty years and my riding skills and self confidence have improved so much more over the past year. Fit 2 Ride has helped me develop the skills, independence and confidence needed to be more successful as a competitive Dressage rider. I could not imagine riding anywhere else." - Nicole Whitford

"Sandra provides a positive and innovative environment. During each lesson she helps me achieve the specific changes necessary to accomplish the ultimate balance between horse and rider. I always come away from a lesson encouraged; knowing I am on the right path to my long term goal. Sandra's knowledge and attitude is inspiring." - Carmen Shelton

"The pilates sessions with Sandra have really helped me improve core strength as well as flexibility. The most value for me has been in addressing muscle memory on my weak side through specific exercises. This is continually improving symmetry in posture, strength and muscle tone on the injured side of my body." - Eleonore Elstone, Level III Dressage Coach and Paralympian

"For me, riding has evolved from therapy to fulfill a desire, to compete and learn the hardest movements. Training with Sandra is amazing. Everyday you learn so much. During the time I've been training with her I feel like I have come such a distance. She has made me realize that there is much more to riding then just competing to the level of the Para Equestrian requirements." - Stephanie Ross, Aspiring Para Equestrian

"The Fit to Ride program has helped my to achieve straightness and core strength that has had a a very positive effect on both my riding and my life in general. Pilates has helped to alleviate my back pain to the point where it almost doesn't exist!" - Keltie Hicks, B Pony Club, Pre Training Eventing

"As parents of a child with cerebral palsy our life has certainly had it's challenges. For therapy our daughter Stephanie began riding horses at the age of two. Our daughter's love of horses, and passion for dressage has turned into a life long ambition. Competition is her new challenge, with goals reaching as high as the Paralympics. Sandra's experience, and high level of professionalism were apparent from our first meeting. Under Sandra's guidance Stephanie has flourished. Sandra's wealth of knowledge has provided our family with a clear understanding of what will be required to bring this lofty ambition to fruition. During this process Sandra has become much more than a coach to both our family and daughter. Her commitment to Stephanie is evident. She has become a mentor. Stephanie's riding skills have improved dramatically. We believe that without Sandra, Stephanie would not be achieving all that she is capable of, and her dreams would be just that "dreams". Sandra is turning dreams into accomplishments!" - Craig and Sharon Ross, parents of an aspiring Paralympian!

"Over the years I have found Sandra's Pilates program to be the key cross-training component, regardless of my fitness goals. Whether I was looking to develop my seat as a novice dressage rider, training for a half marathon, or getting back into shape now that I have two children, Pilates has kept me fit, toned and flexible. Sandra's expert guidance ensures that I work to my maximum potential each session. I appreciate her dedication and commitment." - Cara Hudson

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