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Clinics offered by Sandra Verda, owner founder of Fit To Ride

Para Equestrian Coaching for Competition
Topics include:

• Transitioning riders from recreational/therapeutic riding to competitive dressage
• Teaching to different learning styles
• Adapting Equipment for function, effectiveness and independence
• Rider Classification and Horse Selection
• Selection criteria and Team selection processes
• Overview of international competition

Develop Your Seat - Mounted Lunge Lessons and Pilates
An interactive workshop that addresses riders position and postural alignment through specific Pilates exercises and individual mounted lunge lessons.

Introduction to Pilates for Equestrians Part 1 & 2
• Part 1 - An interactive workshop that introduces Pilates principles and basic exercises for all levels or riding and fitness. This workshop incorporates exercises to improve body awareness and postural alignment for riders of all disciplines.

• Part 2 - builds on what you’ve learned and introduces more exercises to deal with some specific rider problems.

"Incorporate Dressage Principles into Therapeutic Riding Lessons"
• Learn the benefits of Dressage for rider with disabilities and how they can enhance your therapeutic riding lessons at all levels.

Competition Preparation – Part 1 & 2
• Part 1 - Introduction to local through national competitions for rider of all levels.

• Part 2 – International competition – find out what is available, what is the process and how to get involved.

Risk Management for Equestrian Facilities
• Is your facility safe? Is your staff able to work effectively and efficiently?
• What can you do to improve your facility and ensure a safe, fun environment for everyone?

Riders & Horses "The Perfect Match"
• Learn how to match up horses and rider to develop the best partnership possible.

• Learn what questions to ask when you are looking at prospective horses for purchase or lease.

International Competitions
When Canadian Para Equestrian riders travel overseas to attend international caliber dressage competitions they are often competing on "borrowed horses". This means that they go over to Europe early and search for horses, often traveling many hours and many miles to ride approximately 10-20 horses before choosing one. They only have a couple of weeks to train on the selected horse(s) and compete against the top riders in the world who are mounted on their own, familiar horses. This can be a difficult task for both coach and rider. However, despite this challenge Sandra’s students have consistently produced scores in the high 60’s and mid to high 70’s finishing in the top 10 at the International competitions listed. This is a true testament to the talent, dedication and determination of these riders.

Sandra’s students have successfully competed at numerous international competitions:

2008 Paralympic Games - Hong Kong
2007 World Championships - Hartpury College Great Britain
2007 European Championships - Quadrille Dressage Festival - Belguim
2006 Pacific Rim International - Canada
2006 Marimarkt Turnier Dressage Festival - Germany
2005 European Championships - Hungary
2004 Paralympic Games - Athens Greece
2003 World Championships - Belgium
2002 European Championships - Portugal
2001 Dressage Championship - New York

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